Who we are


Who we are
Who we are

DEFLEX line of injected dentures has been distributed in Spain since 2005, offering dental laboratories the possibility of making metal-free and aesthetic removable prostheses.
Since its launch in 2000, Deflex has developed internationally, with distributors in more than 35 countries around the world.

In 2015, our company DEFLEX GLOBAL SL was established in Spain, a wholesale distributor of the Deflex system, with the aim of having a greater presence and proximity to the users of the Deflex system in Spain and the rest of Europe. DEFLEX GLOBAL SL’s focus is on providing technical and commercial support.

In July 2020 DEFLEX GLOBAL SL also began to function as a retail distributor with direct sales to dental laboratories in Spain and Portugal.

All retail orders are managed and arrive at their destination within 24-48 hours within Spain and Portugal.

DEFLEX GLOBAL SL also has its own technical assistance service, based in Barcelona, ​​for the revision and maintenance of injection equipment.

Years of Experience
Who we are


Before Deflex, dentures known as flexible in the market were becoming unpopular and seemed to be doomed to extinction, since the materials used were too flexible —that is, clinically unfavorable— and very porous —thus the short lifetime of the denture in the mouth.
It was then that our founder renewed the concept of “flexible denture” developing a semi-rigid thermoplastic polymer (our flagship material, Classic SR). He claimed that flexibility had to be kept to a minimum necessary, recalling that a partial denture had to respect the functional units of support, fixation, and stability.

During the first years of Deflex, this led to a real revolution in what we call injected dentures, allowing an evolutionary leap in the field of removable dental prostheses, which gained in aesthetics and functionality.

This paradigm shift from the first too flexible dentures spread rapidly at an international level, and since then dentistry has been more and more open to using thermo-polymers to manufacture removable dentures.


Deflex currently offers two product lines:
  • Injectable Deflex line, 7 types of polymers packed in cartridges, and 2 models of injection devices.
  • La Injectable Bulkflex line(byDeflex): 4 types of thermoplastic bulk materials.
Who we are
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