MAD1300 model


MAD1400 model


There are three models of Deflex injection devices: MAD1300, MAD1400 and MD1500.
The MAD1300 and MAD1400 are automatic, and the MD1500 is semi-automatic.
Between automatic models the MAD1300 differs from the MAD1400 because it has preset programs and an injection block sensor.


Maximum time saving   Powerful Easy to install, easy to operate


Pneumatic with integrated oven

Unlike manual injectors, the strength and speed of the injection will always be the same, and not will depend on the operator who tampers with the equipment. This ensures a quality of consistency injected into each injected prosthesis. The oven is integrated with the pneumatic cylinder, which is not necessary to move the cartridge that is in place, saving time and avoiding possible problems of injection, which may arise from the transfer of the cartridge.

Fully automatic*

Place the flask and cartridge, select the desired parameters, and activate the automatic cycle. Once the cycle is completed, the flask will already be injected, and available for a new injection. *Applies to MAD1300 and MAD1400 models *MAD1300 model has 7 pre-configured and 7 free programs. Select the program corresponding to the material that will be injected, or set custom programs.

Compact, easy to install, ease to use

MAD1300 and MAD1400 injectors hardly occupies an area of 15cm x 30cm. It only requires an air compressor, and access to an electrical outlet. The manipulation of the device is extremely intuitive. The flask adjustment system runs with a single movement and a single folding handle, saving operational time.


The pneumatic cylinder was developed with one wider diameter than the conventional, and drives a compressive strength of 862 Kg 6.5 Kg/cm2 = 1900 lb to 92.5 PSI, making it the most powerful in the market. This is not a minor technical detail, because the greater compaction force better quality of the injection, giving as a result molecularly more compact materials, which facilitates the work of retouching and subsequent brightness obtaining.

Pre-heating of the flask during the injection cycle

It doesn’t require that the flask is pre-heated in a separate oven. The flask is positioned on top of the oven at the beginning of the heating cycle, and is taking the appropriate temperature to avoid thermal shock with the injected material.

6th Generation of Deflex injectors

MAD1300 y MAD1400 models are the 6th generation of injectors manufacturer by Deflex in its 17-year history. It is the product of a continuous evolution, and an accumulation of experience in the specialized area of injected prostheses.

Deflex injectors




Injection mode Automatic Automatic Semi-Automatic
 Injection cylinder Pneumátic
 Temperature Digital -Programmable
Air pressure Programmable
 Oven Integrated Oven
 Programs 6 PRG pre-configured + 8 PRG libres 1 PRG free 1 PRG free
 Maximum temperature of use Programable: 500ºC / 932ºF Recomended: 390ºC / 734ºF
 Flask cover YES YES No
 Injection block sensor YES No No
 Adjusting handle 1
 HxWxD 62cm x 15cm x 30cm 62cm x 15cm x 30cm 64cm x 20cm x 35cm
 Weight 22Kg. / 48.5Lb.
 Power supply 220v o 110v
 Diameter 22mm o 25mm
 CE Certification YES YES No

*Ask for availability of injector models, diameter and power supply by country

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