Deflex Removable Dentures


The Deflex denture system offers thermo-injectable materials with different balances of flexibility and stiffness that allow for multiple applications for removable dentures.

Polymers are highly resistant, contain elastic memory, and are monomer-free, standing out for their minimal liquid absorption and very low shrinkage levels.

Qualities comparison with conventional acrylic dentures:


Aesthetical Pleasing

Translucent, imperceptible clasps in partial dentures.

Comfortable and lightweight

Optimal retentiveness. Reduced thickness. Improved phonetics.


No metal. Hypo-allergenic.


Extremely high fracture resistance.


Flexibility ensures better preservation of support teeth.


Partial dentures

Partial dentures

partial-prothesysThe powerful entry of these dentures into the market is driven by the great public acceptance, and supported by the outstanding aesthetics achieved in the mouth —an unresolved issue in the removable rehabilitation field until now.

Both the absence of metal and the natural color of materials make a positive psychological impact on the patient, accompanied by greater and faster denture acceptance.

Besides their excellent appearance, the dentures manufactured with Deflex materials achieve a highly advantageous functionality in comparison with acrylic dentures. Due to their appropriate design and thickness, Deflex dentures strike a fine balance between flexibility and stiffness.

Flexibility ensures:

  • Giving way before stress, avoiding leveraging
  • Comfort and easy adaptation
  • Adequate retention properties

Stiffness ensures:

  • Sharing loads, avoiding tissue damage and retraction
  • Occlusal rests, preventing dentures from being intruded
  • Freedom of design
Full dentures
Dentures combined with chromium
Other aplications


The Deflex materials stand out for its natural combination of translucency and pink hues, which allow dual adaptation to teeth and gums.

A subtle range of roses satisfies the diverse colors of patient’s gums.

Soft Pink
Soft Pink
Translucent Soft Pink
Translucent Soft Pink
Medium Pink
Medium Pink
Intense Pink
Intense Pink
Dark Pink
Dark Pink

Note on transparent color: Materials in their transparent version are indicated preferably for occlusal splints. Their use is not recommended for partial or complete dentures, as these transparent dentures will reveal the shadows in the oral cavity.

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